What Does a Beautician Do?

what-does-a-beautician-do-play-academyIf you’d like a career where you get to make others look and feel good, then you might consider becoming a beautician. In this position, you would provide beauty treatments to clients, both male and female. In general, a beautician is an individual who works in a salon, usually as a hair stylist. Sometimes, though, beauticians are trained in providing many types of beauty and personal care services, from manicures to brow waxes to makeup applications.

Some of the services offered by a Beautician are:

Hair Treatments

Hair treatment specialists, usually referred to as cosmetologists, provide more than just haircuts. As a cosmetologist, you’d offer many services to your clients, including permanents, conditioning treatments, hair styling, coloring, and trims. You might also perform some of these services on wigs or hairpieces. If you worked with male clients only, you’d be considered a barber, and you’d likely trim or shave facial hair as well.

Nail Treatments

Nail technicians are beauticians who provide manicures and pedicures. As a manicurist, you might give natural manicures in which you’d shape, buff and polish nails, or you might apply artificial nails with adhesives. Pedicures focus on the feet and often involve massage along with treatment of the toenails.

Skin Care

Beauticians who work in skin care are called estheticians. In this position, you would focus on keeping a client’s skin looking young and healthy, often by providing facials, peels and moisturizing treatments. You would perform hair removal services, such as waxing, and with extra training, you might also offer laser hair removal. Many estheticians provide makeup consultations and applications, as well.

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