9 Commandments Of A Successful Hairdresser

Hairdressing is a fiercely competitive and most definitely a growing industry. In fact, the potential is huge if one is prepared to work hard, learn the skills of the trade from a reputable salon and not be afraid of undertaking very menial tasks! Here is a set of invaluable rules on how to succeed as a high quality, entrepreneurial hairdresser.

1. You need to have a true passion for hair – if you go into this industry looking for fame it will never happen.

2. Make a list of potential salons you could see yourself working for and look into their training programmes, then apply to do a trial.

3. Go see as many hair shows and trade shows as you can. Join a forum of hair artists.

4. Immerse yourself in the craft, don’t just learn what is fashionable today but fully arm yourself with every hairdressing skill. What’s dated now will be the fashion of the future as everything goes in circles.

5. There are no shortcuts to the top! Whatever job in hairdressing you have, always do it to the best of your ability. Always be creative and always think out of the box and at all times make an effort with your attire and the way you look.

6. Take advantage of apprenticeship and always be hands-on. Those who dream of becoming a top hairdresser should be open to learning as much as they possibly can and then some; you can never have too much knowledge or experience, especially in the service industry.

7. Practice as much as possible and take every opportunity that is offered to you. If you are hungry and prepared to work hard, your peers will recognise this and will help you achieve your goals.

8. If you are in any situation with pressure, do it because that’s when you learn the most. Say yes even if something doesn’t appeal to you or even if it’s above your skill level as a hairdresser – challenge yourself and raise your skill.

9. You will learn from the best so make sure to be in the best environments.

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