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Gone are the days when one thought of Hairdressing as a profession for school drop-outs and those who couldnot find a “regular” job, in the normal scheme of things.The modern hairdresser is a far cry from the usual stereotypes one have associated them to be, and is well-informed, professional, creative and a pleasing personality who intuitively knows what is best to enhance your outward personality.

So, what does a Hairdresser actually do ?

A Hairdresser, to put it simply, helps present you the best way possible, to the world. Combining professional knowledge on the various cuts, colours and shapes and an intuitive grasp of what would work best for you based on experience, your Hairdresser listens to your requirements and then enriches it with his/her suggestions to make you look and feel your best at the end of it.

What does it take to be a great Hairdresser?

Subject knowledge, an eye for detail, a creative outlook and an outgoing demeanor is all it takes, at the fundamental level to be a trusted Hair dresser and take up Hairdressing as a career. The very fact that you are helping create and present a person’s physical personality ( which influences the inner side, undoubtedly) to the world in itself should convey the sense of thrill and accomplishment that the occupation gives you.

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  1. I want to know the fees of a beginner course in hair dressing ☺️

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    I wanna do hairdresser/ hairstylist plz
    Let me know the course fees

  3. I want to know That what is the charge for hairdressing

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    I want to do hairdressing course..

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