Social Media Networking for Cosmetologists

Social-Media-Networking-for-CosmetologistsHere we are sharing with you 5 tips you need to know for social media success and how to use your time wisely. For cosmetologists, social media platforms can serve as an invaluable tool for connecting with other beauty professionals, showcasing their work, and reaching out to customers. Here’s how you can give your client list a makeover while marketing yourself like never before — and send you rocketing up the ladder of the most beautiful industry in the world.

Decide How to Present Yourself

  • Ask yourself how you wish to appear to your social media network.
  • Choose a particular style or aesthetic you identify with
  • Create your own image by incorporating that style into your bio, updates, social interaction. Adding individual touches to set yourself apart from the crowd.
  • Always remain professional

    Cultivate your online portfolio

  • Upload photos to attract clients
  • Show your skills to employers and colleagues
  • Display your customers satisfaction with your work
  • Practice your photography skills
  • Take photos of all your best work
  • Gradually build your photos into an online gallery of your skills

    Associate yourself with the best

  • On your profile be sure to include, the school from which you graduated. Your current and any past employers.
  • Make yourself as accessible as possible
  • Reach out to fellow beauty professionals
  • Consider collaborating with your colleagues

    Don’t forget to mingle

  • Encourage conversation with your customers
  • Stay upbeat and energetic
  • Reach out to more people by offering discounts, coupons, promotions
  • Always respond to comments and questions with grace and respect

    Let your hardwork shine

  • Positive reviews from past customers will drive business
  • Create a page for yourself on Yelp or similar site
  • Openly encourage current customers to write reviews online
  • If you receive a negative review, personally respond to the reviewer, listen to their criticism, learn from your mistakes and demonstrate maturity and dignity
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