Beauty School Basics Taught at Play Academy

beauty-school-basics-taught-at-play-academyWorking in the cosmetology field involves helping people feel good about their appearances or helping clients achieve a new look. Beauty schools offer several different programs that you might explore, depending on your goals. If you’d like to style hair and offer other salon services, you might enroll in a general cosmetology program. If you’d rather become a nail technician or esthetician, you might choose either a nail technology or skin care program, or locate a program that combines the two areas of study. Some schools also offer separate massage and make-up programs. Regardless of their specific focus, most beauty school programs teach students about sanitation practices. Many also include salon management and business topics

Beauty School Basics

Hair Care

As a cosmetology student, you may have a range of hair care courses in your curriculum. You might start off with the basics of hair cutting, which involves learning to use scissors, razors, clippers and other hair care tools to properly maintain hair. Once you’re comfortable with these tools, you could move on to develop more advanced skills such as styling and coloring. You could learn to straighten and wave hair, and you might gain proficiency in applying thermal and chemical treatments.

Nail Technology

Nail technology courses first familiarize you with the supplies and products you need to perform nail treatments. These include nail files, polish, clippers and other enhancements. Here, proper sanitation techniques are also discussed. If work areas are not cleaned and disinfected regularly, infections might spread to customers.

After developing a foundation in techniques, tools and safe practices, you would be able to begin building your skills in manicures and pedicures. Using real clients, you might perform a range of nail services under instructor supervision. These services might include applying artificial nails such as gels and wraps, or polishing and shaping the nails of the hands and feet. You could also learn how to give hand, arm and foot massages. In addition, many schools teach you about nail diseases and irregularities.

Skin Care

Skin care is another topic that is covered in beauty school programs, whether it is a general cosmetology program or a specific esthetician program. So that you may meet your customers’ needs, you might learn about different skin types and conditions. Once you have a basic understanding of skin care and analysis, you could move on to skin care treatments. You might learn how to perform chemical, manual and electronic facial treatments as well as how to apply make-up for clients. Some programs also provide instruction on hair removal techniques.


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