Important Makeup Artist Skills

important-makeup-artist-skills-play-academyMakeup artistry is a job where practical skills are more important than theoretical knowledge. There are different types of makeup jobs, including fashion makeup, bridal makeup, theatrical makeup, FX makeup, etc. Each makeup job needs some common skills and some specific skills. If you want to become a makeup artist, you must be cool under pressure and must deliver before a deadline. You must be creative and deliver original work to maintain your credibility. Communication with clients, understanding their expectations, and delivering as per their budget is a vital part of this job.

When writing your makeup artist resume, you should add some skills to better your chance of being selected. These skills are not essential for all jobs and varies as per the job requirement.

Important Makeup Artist Skills

1. Creativity is the most important skill to become a makeup artist. You must deliver original results.
2. Understanding bone structure, eye size, and face shape is very important, as the makeup will vary from client to client according to their body structure and shape.
3. You’ll need to apply cosmetics and color according to the clients’ skin tone. You must master this skill to bring out the natural beauty of the client.
4. Styling hair is an essential skill and will give you advantage. You’ll need to apply wigs and colors to match the personality of the character. Facial hair management is another essential skill.
5. Communication skills are also very important. You’ll need to communicate with clients, artists, directors, etc. to understand the makeup needs.
6. Time management and pressure handling are two important skills, as you’ll need to stick with the schedule and redo the makeup if not satisfied.
7. If you want to work in theater or film production, then you must know special effects makeup, as you may need to change the look of an artist to suit the character.
8. You’ll need to remove the makeup after the event/performance.
9. The fashion and makeup industry is changing continuously and to remain updated you must follow the trends.
10. If you’re not a freelancer, you must be a good team man.
11. Having communication skills in multiple languages will be a plus point.
12. Having some photography skills is beneficial.

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