10 fun facts about Hairdressers

You know you are a hairdresser when…

1. You find hair in your food and don’t send it back.

2. You don’t have to separate your laundry because all your clothes are black.

3. When you go to the bank and realize you’re still wearing your smock and all your clips are attached.

4. When you are standing in a checkout line at a grocery store and all you can think about is how much hair that lady in front of you needs to cut off or what color you would change it to.

5. When you remember someone by their color formula.

6. When you go to a drugstore and want to tell people in the shampoo aisle to stop buying that box color.

7. When you leave a trail of bobby pins every where you go.

8. When your client calls that they are running 10 minutes late, and you THANK GOD because now you have 10 minutes to put food in your stomach!

9. You make hair contact before making eye contact.

10. You marry a bald man because it’s one less family member you have to cut.

That was a little bit of Hairdresser humor. Hope it made you laugh as much as it made us!

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