How to Use Social Media As Your Marketing Tool

Today’s ever-growing field of technology that can make or break your makeup business. Starting out on social media can be tedious—but you’ll be reaping the benefits in no time!

By creating a social media presence online, your job as a freelance makeup artist will become a lot easier. It’s easier for both old and new clients to contact you and you can market your skills instantly. There’s a lot more that social media can do for your freelance makeup business — read on to take advantage of this dynamic marketing tool!

Use Image-Based Platforms

For the most exposure, you’ll need to get on Facebook and Twitter. These platforms are where your work can be showcased to hundreds—if not thousands—of people. Just a few shares or retweets from your followers can expand your brand’s reach and give your business tons of new clients! As you grow your social media presence, it’s easy to start up on new platforms. You already have a following—just let them know where else to find you!

Encourage reviews

Encourage your clients to leave reviews on your Facebook page. Facebook is one of the top places potential customers will go to check out a new business. This means you want to optimize your profile to be professional, reputable, and in-demand.Keep in mind that not every review will be raving about your amazing makeup artistry skills. If you happen to get a customer who was unsatisfied, try to settle it offline in a professional manner!

Engage your visitors

Want more business? Here’s a simple trick: create engaging content! No one wants to be bombarded with the same old updates and pictures. By constantly creating different posts, your followers will have more to say each time. Switch between photos, text posts, videos, and more to keep your followers on their toes!

Handle criticism positively

As a professional, you know how to take criticism. But there’s a difference between absorbing criticism and using it. Every comment you receive from your clients should push your skills as a professional makeup artist forward. Think of every comment about your business as constructive criticism—even though some may not be worded that way…

Share Ideas

By sharing interesting content, you’re showing customers how passionate you are about your career and the makeup industry. It also shows that you want the best for your customers. You’re giving them all the information they need to make an informed decision about what they want.

Plus, if your followers even have a mild interest in the content you’re posting, they are much more likely to be engaged with your page!

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