5 Tips On How To Get Started In The Beauty Industry

5-Tips-On-How-To-Get-Started-In-The-Beauty-Industry-Play-AcademyThe beauty industry is competitive, and no matter how much you hustle or network, your skills will speak for you. The biggest step is breaking in, but it’s no easy feat. There are many people who are vying for a position in this lucrative industry, but in order to have an advantage, you’ll need to take some critical steps.

Here are a few tips to get you started on your way to your dream job in the Beauty Industry:

1. Apply Before You Graduate:

Searching for a job before graduation gives you an edge on the competition. Drop off your resumé around your community and be prepared to start working right out of school.

2. Create an Amazing Portfolio:

Your portfolio is what showcases your work to prospective employers. Professional photos of your previous work benefits your presentation and hopefully helps you stand out among other applicants.

3. Network Online and Offline:

Reaching out to clients and employers on the Internet is a great way to expand your network. Contacting people in your community also helps to build a larger client base.

4. Advertise on Social Media:

Social Media is a great way to showcase your expertise. Posting work you’ve done on clients on Facebook and Instragram inspires others to pursue similar beauty looks. Blogging is another fun and effective way to market yourself on the Internet. If your blog gets enough traffic, it will likely be easier to expand your network as well as your potential customer numbers.

5. Do Your Research:

Doing research on a salon gives you a better idea as to whether or not a given company is a good fit for you. It also helps you decide exactly what role you would like to fill within the beauty industry.

The tips we’ve discussed above will only be effective if you have the right training. If you are looking for an education that can provide you with both technical training as well as professional development, look no further than Play Academy.

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