5 Tips On How To Succeed In Salon Business

With today’s growing salon industry, owning a successful salon business has helped many salon professionals achieve financial independence. But the road to salon success has considerably changed. Yesterday’s salon owner strived to make a good living and today’s salon owner aims to build real value. To achieve the kind of success that is available in today’s thriving and ever-changing salon industry, salon owners have to master these new set of rules.

Carry Exclusive Products

Let’s face it. There are atleast 10 salon within few miles of your salon that offer beauty products. The only way to stand out is to offer a truly salon-exclusive line of products that are only available to licensed professionals.

Make Marketing a Central Part of Your Plan

To many salon owners, marketing means advertising. Avoid this mistake. Promote your salon with creative ideas to attract new clients. For Example: Host a “Bring a Friend” night, have a referral program in your salon, provide employee discount programs for large local employers, or appear as a guest speaker on a local radio talk show.

Identify Your Niche

To successfully advertise your salon business, you must develop USP’s (Unique Selling Propositions). In other words, you must have something different to offer. Otherwise, your salon is going to look like all of the others no matter how attractive your ad is. Most experts say that unless you have a highly specialized or differentiated offering, you are better off not advertising at all. By targeting your advertising budget specifically to your niche audience, you will spend less money and get many more clients from your advertising budget!

Develop Long-Term Relationships with Your Clients

Today’s consumers want to feel a connection with the products and services they use. Rather than providing your client with a short service that enhances their beauty until their next visit, develop a program of care. Begin with the service first and then have them maintain and enhance it by the use of products, followed up by return visits to your chair. This is exactly the sort of expert advice and consultation that the modern salon client is yearning for. Providing them with invaluable service will help you develop a meaningful relationship with them.

Focus on Cultivating an Ethos

The most efficient way to build affinity with clients is to develop a strong ethos (a set of salon values, goals, culture, and mission) which your target audience is likely to share. Take some time and assess your target clientele values and build your salon’s culture around those to ensure client affinity and long-lasting loyalty.

To have a successful salon business, you need to have loyal clients who receive real value from your services and feel an affinity to your brand and ethos.

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