5 Tips To Manage Male Clients At Your Salon

Times are changing. In your quest of attracting female clients, don’t forget men. Remember, male clients are an equally important segment if you want to increase your bottom line and revenue. The number of men wanting professional skincare advice is on the rise. It’s much more common for a man to walk into a salon for cut nowadays. They want be pampered and look good just as much as your female clients do, but they also need to be treated differently. Here’s some valuable advice for servicing and retaining your male clients:

1. Make Them Feel At Ease:

It’s very important that your male clients feel comfortable in the salon. Make sure you have sports magazines and newspapers available for them to read. You’ll also need to speak to your male clients differently than you speak to your female clients. Avoid girly words and gossip and try to be direct.

2. Well Trained Staff:

Make sure you’re up-to-date on men’s hair trends. The shorter the cut, the more exact the lines have to be, so there is little room for error. Always do the finishing touches of cleaning up around the ears, the neck, and the sides. No matter how hard you try with marketing, it is ultimately your stylists that can draw in male clients. Train your staff to have conversations with the clients while they are in the chair. Post service, they can even escort them to the retail area and familiarise them with new product launches for men.

3. Retail and Services:

The best way to draw men to your salon or spa is by creating a menu especially for them. Under each treatment, you can have a line describing it. Men generally have no clue about treatments and trends. Since they are relatively new to the experience, they require education. You can also give them a complimentary service so that they get hooked on to your salon. This way you can ensure client satisfaction and build loyalty. You can also consider having a dedicated retail section only for men.

4. Referrals And Loyalty Programs:

You should make it a habit to remind your female clients that you also serve men. Encourage them to bring in their boyfriend, husband, father or brother. Referrals really work to attract male clients. You can also run a couple of offers that can be redeemed only if women bring their significant other. Once a male client likes your service, there’s no looking back because he will become a regular. Every time a female client brings in a male client, reward her for her recommendation.

5. Always re-book:

Suggest to your clients that they re-book before they leave. Explain that to remain well-groomed consistent maintenance is a must.

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