Dreaming of becoming a Makeup artist?

Are you creative and artistic? Do you enjoy experimenting with ideas and cosmetics? If yes, then your dream of becoming a makeup artist just got easier! Beauty and the Wellness industry is booming, spend is on an all time high and the lack of skilled resources is making it hard to bridge the gap between demand and supply. To start your exciting and creative career as a makeup artist, Play Academy for Hair & Beauty brings to you top 5 qualities that will transform you into a master makeup artist.

Be an efficient and effective makeup artist

A successful makeup artist knows what she or he is doing, and will be able to quickly and efficiently create the look that she or he has been paid to produce. They’ve got the skills.You have to be able to quickly understand a person’s skin tone and facial contours and what would look best on them, but sometimes you’ll need to create a look that surprises you.

Gain enough experience

Practice makes perfect they say, and so, you just need to get out there and work with as many people as you can. If that means you have to use your own face then do it! Try different looks, different products, different lighting. Find what works and what DOESN’T work. Become an expert on your face. Having said that, don’t restrict yourself to just your face, experiment on your friends, relatives, colleagues etc, the more you try the better you get!

Show up on time!

Being punctual is nothing but a skill and you need to perfect this skill as well. Some of the most capable makeup artists around had to really work on being on time. For most gigs, makeup is applied before anything else happens-before the photo shoot, the runway, or the walk down the aisle. Being there at the appropriate time is INCREDIBLY important. Makeup artists may work long hours, mostly on busy days, requiring both stamina and fitness.

Effective Communication

When you communicate well, your client begins to trust you. Most often than not, they depend on you to suggest what is going to suit them the best. You should be able to articulate well what you are planning to do prior to doing it, and set expectations for the customer so that there are no surprises.

Love your job!

You have got to love what you are doing! If you are planning to make a serious career out of it then you have got to absolutely love everything about makeup – applying makeup, creating new looks and lots practice. Be well informed about new products, techniques, and trends to be successful. Attend workshops, training programs and product shows regularly to maintain a current knowledge in the field.

If you have what it takes to be a professional makeup artist, Play Academy is offering some exciting courses to help you build your dream career.

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