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The Beauty Industry | Explore a new career in the New Year

The beauty industry is an exciting and creative sector focused on making people feel good about themselves. There are so many different directions that your career can take in the Beauty Industry which makes it so exciting. No matter what your interests are, there is a career route to suit you.

When you start in the Beauty Industry, you will need to decide whether you have a general interest in Beauty Therapy, Holistic Therapy (primarily massage) or whether you want to specialise in a particular field. Most students who are completely new to this industry aren’t sure what treatments they will enjoy doing most as they have no experience to compare with or draw upon.

Here’s a look at the most popular careers in the Beauty Industry:

Beauty Therapist

– usually offers general beauty treatments such as waxing, facials, manicures, pedicures, eye treatments and basic make up. Provides and applies a range of cosmetic treatments and advice to improve the appearance and general well-being of their client.This can be within a salon or from home/mobile.

Lash Technician

– specialises in eye treatments particularly lash extensions but also may offer lash/brow tinting, eye brow shaping and occasionally facial treatments.

Nail Technician

– Offers a range of hand and foot nail treatments to clients. Specialises in all forms of nail service including natural nail manicures/pedicures, nail extensions and nail art.

Make up Artist

– specialises in make up treatments. This might be primarily Bridal/Special Occasion make up but there are also opportunities to get into fashion/theatrical or special effects work with the right training. This is usually a role involving self-employment/freelance work.

Holistic/Massage Therapist

– specialises in offering a range of massage treatments and sometimes additional treatments like ear candles or aromatherapy. Can be self employed or employed.

As you become established in your line of work in the beauty industry, you’ll begin to cultivate a small following of regular clients who will trust you and follow you throughout your career. Making people feel at ease and boosting their self esteem as it at the core of a beauty therapists work.

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