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How To Build Your Professional Hairstylist Portfolio

Showing off your skills is perhaps one of the most important things a hairstylist needs to do for success in their career. At Play Academy, we want to help our students learn how to create a hairstylist portfolio that could help them reach their goals in the beauty industry. We’ve got some great tips on how to create a portfolio that can help to showcase your skills as you practice.

Why Does a Hairstylist Portfolio Matter?

In the competitive hair industry, a typed resume of your hair styling work experience and qualifications just won’t cut it. Go a cut above and include a professional portfolio of your work. A portfolio is basically a binder or book of photos that showcases all of your hair skills. You want to be able to show people that you’re not a one-trick pony without having to physically demonstrate each of those varied hairstylist skills on the spot. Having a professional hairstylist portfolio can illustrate the wide variety of looks and techniques you’ve learned at beauty school.

Below are some points to consider when building your professional hairstylist portfolio:

1. Start Your Portfolio Right Away!

It’s important to start your professional hairstylist portfolio as soon as possible so it will be ready by the time you start looking for a job post-graduation. A portfolio is a key step when you begin your career as a hairstylist. Dedicate the time necessary to build your portfolio so that you have a collection of photos of the looks you’ve created throughout the hairstyling course.

2. Versatility is Key for Hairdressers!

When putting together your professional portfolio, you’ll want to use a range of different models to show that you are comfortable working with not only a variety of hair styles and techniques, but an array of different textures and face shapes. Versatility in your portfolio is important in order to draw in the most clients to your chair.

3. Take Quality Photos!

You’ll want to make sure your photos are high resolution and use proper lighting. Be sure you take both a before and an after photo to demonstrate exactly how much of a difference your skills have made.

4. Keep It Organized!

The best way to make the most of your hair styling portfolio is to make sure it has good flow. You’ll want to organize your photos into themes and sections. For example, keep all your wedding looks together and have a separate section for the high fashion or runway looks.

5. Put it Online

Utilizing social media to display your hairstyling portfolio is a great way to reach a wider audience. Upload your portfolio to your LinkedIn account, add it to a dedicated portfolio board on Pinterest, and share it on Instagram and Facebook so that clients can easily browse your virtual portfolio and contact you.

6. Keep it Updated!

In the beauty industry, trends and popular styles are changing all the time. Be sure to keep up with the latest looks and constantly add to your portfolio so people know that you’re able to provide the newest hairstyle.

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