10 Reasons You Should Go To Cosmetology School

The Indian Beauty Industry with its several segments such as Skin Care, Hair Care, Colour Cosmetics Body Fragrances and so forth has witnessed major growth in recent years. Beauty And Wellness Segment in India is more promising than US and European Market. The industry is growing rapidly at 15%-20% growth rate which is almost twice as that of US or European market. With this growing trend, cosmetology is fast becoming an interesting career choice and here are some of the top reasons why you should make the leap into this exciting career field!

1. Cosmetology is a growing field

The beauty and grooming industry in the country is booming, thanks to the growing desire among both men and women to look stylish and feel good.

2. You start working quickly

Compared to man professions, cosmetology training is short. This gets you working and doing what you love soon.

3. You learn best practices

Cosmetology school teaches you the right way to make you and your clients look beautiful – no need to experiment or guess.

4. You have flexibility

When you decide to go to cosmetology school, you have all sorts of options if traditional school during the day does not fit your lifestyle: part-time, evenings even online.

5. Plenty of networking opportunities

You meet others who are just as passionate about their profession as you are – both, students and teachers.

6. Improve your understanding of your own hair and skin

No matter how much you think you know already there is more to learn.

7. Learn about more than just hair and make up

You will learn about beauty, but you will also learn about running a business and marketing your services.

8. There’s more to it than you think

You learn about how the body’s muscles work, how your skin works, and how products affect both skin and hair.

9. Express your artistic leanings

Admit it. Part of you want to go into cosmetology is because you are bit of an artist.

10. Make people feel good about themselves

Enjoy that warm fuzzy feeling that you get when you make others feel happy and beautiful and get paid for it too!

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