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How To Become A Beauty School Instructor!

Many students who graduate from a beauty academy go on to become amazing cosmetologists. Some work in a salon or spa, freelance as hairstylists or makeup artists. There are others who manage a beauty parlor or own their own business. The opportunities for graduating cosmetology students are endless. And for some graduates, there’s yet another opportunity that excites them – becoming a Beauty School Instructor.

Maybe it was a great experience they shared with one or many of their Beauty School Instructors while at a cosmetology school. Or some of them must have always wanted to teach or help others realize their dreams but haven’t found their calling in a standard education system. And for some it’s simply for the love of cosmetology and beauty.

A Beauty School Instructor’s job is to help cosmetology students earn the knowledge and skillset they need in order to become successful cosmetologist. For a select few cosmetology students, learning from their instructor and the bond that they share may ignite the desire to teach cosmetology for a living too!

How Do You Become a Beauty School Instructor?

To become a cosmetology instructor, you have to first work as a cosmetologist. Once you have gained enough experience as a cosmetologist you can then begin to attend courses to help you become a beauty school instructor.

As part of your education in becoming a Beauty School Instructor, you’ll learn exactly how to teach with passion as well as to assess your classroom’s performance. As a student-teacher, you’ll learn how to offer positive reinforcement as well as how to suggest improvements and offer feedback to students.

What are some of the Skills Needed to Become a Beauty School Instructor?

• Teaching with persistence
• Communicating clearly with students
• Being flexible
• Being upbeat and able to spend a substantial time on your feet
• Being a good critical thinker.

Once you are done with your beauty school instructor training and coursework, there are quite a few opportunities. Some of them are business ownership, freelance cosmetology coaches, beauty mentors, bloggers and online instruction as well as working for the same (or a different) cosmetology school you may have graduated from!

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